About the Artist

Gord Grdina 

JUNO award-winning musician Gord Grdina has toured throughout the world most notably in the Dan Mangan band, Haram, and the Gordon Grdina Trio. He is an oud player and guitarist who combines rock, jazz, free-improv and Arabic music, who has performed for 15+ years as a member of the Blues Berries throughout BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario. His educational performances have introduced thousands of students to established genres of popular music through carefully designed programs including “The History of the Blues,” “Jazz in the Gym,”  “A History of Rock and Roll,”  “Jazz, Jive, and Wail,” and “Blues Rocks!”


Virtual Program

Gord’s Guitars

One person, seven guitars and an oud. Gord takes students on an exciting musical, social and geographic journey through the history of guitar music from Arabic, classical, country, blues, jazz, rock and pop styles. Through looping technology, percussion and projections, Gord will accompany himself on several instruments at once while engaging students through listening games and physical activity. Musically you’ll hear everything from traditional Egyptian music to Johnny Cash, and Muddy Waters to AC/DC. Gord has been touring extensively in B.C. with a great response from both elementary and high school audiences, adjusting the show to suit the audience. He is a seasoned educational performer having led the Blues Berries performing in schools throughout Canada for the past 15 years. The virtual format of this show is delivered through a professionally pre-recorded video.


Virtual Visit

You can add on a 30-minute virtual visit with Gord Grdina for your class or the entire school to ask him questions about the show and play a couple of songs.


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Gord’s Guitars

Watch the professionally recorded performance of Gord's Guitars.

Program Format

Once you purchase a class or school licence, you’ll have access to the artist’s virtual program as many times as you like until the end of the school year (June 30).

Each virtual program includes:

  • a professionally recorded video performances (approx. 30 min)
  • downloadable study guide

You also have the option of adding on a 30-minute Virtual Visit with the artist for your class or the entire school. This will be delivered through Zoom, Teams or Google Meet.

Learning Outcomes & Curriculum Connections
  • Music appreciation
  • History of world music 


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Live Performances

You can book Gord for in-person performances of Gord’s Guitars.

For more information, visit his artist page on Pebble Star Artists and contact Kim Thé at bookings@pebblestarartists.com