About the Artist

A three-time Canadian National Dance champion, Karima Essa is Vancouver’s very own Bollywood star. An incredibly charismatic and passionate performer, choreographer and instructor, she has used her one-of-a-kind Bollywood talent to entertain diverse audiences at festivals, theatres and in schools across Canada.  In 2014, her love for Bollywood took her to the screens in Mumbai, India, as a two-time finalist on Omni TV’s reality show, Bollywood Star. With style, grace and a flair for the dramatic, she has been captivating adult and young audiences for decades.

Since first showcasing her Bollywood Star School show in schools in 2018, she has performed this show in 150 + schools. Karima’s new focus is on celebrating that all bodies can dance by bringing the Body Positivity movement to Bollywood Dance in schools and communities. Karima is also completing her Education Assistance certification and is interested in exploring how dance can help improve socio-emotional skills in children with autism or other special needs

Virtual Bollywood Dance Program

Karima’s virtual dance program includes profesionally recorded dance videos with her fun and unique choreography to popular Bollywood dance songs. Each of the 6 dance modules includes 5 videos: a warm up, the dance lesson, the performance,  and a cool down (approx. 30 min of video content for each module). The virtual programs are bundled as a 3-Module Virtual Program (Modules 1-3 or Modules 4-6).

Module 1 : Beginner Level

Module 2: Beginner or Intermediate Levels

Module 3: Intermediate/Advanced Levels

Module 4:  Beginner/Intermediate Levels

Module 5: Intermediate/Advanced Levels

Module 6: Intermediate/Advanced Levels

Virtual Visit

You can add on a 30-minute virtual lesson with Karima for your class or the entire school to rehearse one of these dances with her.


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Karima Essa – Bollywood Dance Module 1

Karima's Bollywood Dance Module 1 is suitable for beginner dancers.

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Karima Essa – Bollywood Dance Module 2

Karima's Bollywood Dance Module 2 is suitable for beginner or intermediate level dancers.

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Karima Essa – Bollywood Dance Module 3

Karima's Bollywood Dance Module 3 is suitable for intermediate/advanced level dancers.

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Karima Essa – Bollywood Dance Module 4

Karima's Bollywood Dance Module 4 is suitable for beginner/intermediate level dancers.

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Karima Essa – Course 5: Bollywood Dance Module 5

Karima's Bollywood Dance Module 5 is suitable for intermediate and advanced level dancers.

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Karima Essa – Bollywood Dance Module 6

Karima's Bollywood Dance Module 6 is suitable for intermediate and advanced level dancers.

Program Format

Once you purchase a class or school licence, you’ll have access to the artist’s virtual program(s) as many times as you like until the end of the school year.

Each virtual program includes:

  • 3 Dance modules. Each dance module has 5 videos: a warm up, dance lesson, performance and a cool down
  • Links to music videos

You also have the option of adding on one or multiple 30-minute Virtual Visits with the artist to rehearse/practice one of the dances from these modules for your class or the entire school. This will be delivered through Zoom.

Learning Outcomes & Curriculum Connections
  • Physical education – dance and movement
  • Cultural diversity and understanding
  • Self-esteem building and personal development 


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Live Performances

You can also book Karima Essa for in-person Bollywood workshops and performances.

For more information, visit her artist page on Pebble Star Artists and contact Kim Thé at bookings@pebblestarartists.com