Squamish Stories – Kung Jaadee – School

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Kung Jaadee and her Squamish uncle and elder Bob Baker (S7aplek Lanakila) share popular Squamish legends filmed in Stanley Park and Schenks (Schètx̱w) and Chekwelp (Ch’ḵw’elhp), what is now known as Gibsons. There are 9 videos featuring the legends of Siwash Rock, The Two Sisters (The Lions), Lost Lagoon, How the Salmon Came to the Squamish People, The First Man & How the Squamish People Came to Be, The Great Flood Story, The Two-Headed Serpent & Serpent Slayer. Bob Baker also shares a couple of Squamish songs about the canoe and totem pole.

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