Kung Jaadee – Squamish Stories

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Kung Jaadee and her Squamish uncle and elder Bob Baker (Squamish Ancestral name is S7aplek, Hawaiian name is Lanakila) ), share their telling of popular Squamish Stories filmed in Chekwelp (Gibsons). Together, they tell the story of the First Man & How the Squamish People Came To Be, and sing a couple of Squamish songs about the canoe and totem pole. Kung Jaadee also shares some legends specific to the sites and views from within Stanley Park, including the legends of Siwash Rock, Lost Lagoon, and The Two Sisters (The Lions mountains). She also shares the tales of The Two-Headed Serpent and Serpent Slayer and How the Salmon Came to the Squamish People.  Filmed in Chekwelp (Gibsons),  Kung Jaadee shares the story of The Great Flood.