For K-7 Teachers

Created by JUNO-nominated musician Will Stroet of Will’s Jams, Wordplay with Will, is an online educational platform to help support teachers in their classroom. Students will enhance their English skills through learning fun songs and doing arts-integrated activities tied to curricular themes. In your annual subscription to Wordplay with Will, you will have access to all 36+ lessons.

Virtual Concerts with Will’s Jams

You will get access to two different English pre-recorded school concerts, and one pre-recorded bilingual school concert that you can watch at any time with your students.


Course 1 - Bike Safety Boogie

Students will do a drawing activity and a cycling activity.

Recommended Grades: K-7

Course 2 - Make Friends with an Earthworm

Students will do some visual arts activities, outdoor exploration and creative thinking exercises.

Recommended Grades: K-7

Course 3 - Let's Have Fun

Students will do a sign language activity and will share their favourite hobbies.

Recommended Grades: K-3

Course 4 - Hygiene and Eugene

Students will complete a bathroom vocabulary worksheet and do a rhyming activity.

Recommended Grades: K-3

Course 5 - Eat a Plum, Yum, Yum

Students will:

  • learn how to make a delicious green smoothie packed with veggies and fruit
  • share their own smoothie recipes and play a game called “Sweet or Sour?”
  • make their own apple crisp recipe at home to share with their family

Recommended Grades: K-7

Course 6 - Just Imagine

Students will:

  • invent a new high speed vehicle
  • draw themselves as superheros with special powers
  • imagine what they’d like to be when they grow up
  • meet a special guest, East Coast musician Ian Sherwood, who will demonstrate how to use a loop pedal.

Recommended Grades: K-7

Course 7 - Colour It

Students will:

  • do a colouring activity
  • a drawing lesson with a guest artist, Will’s daughter June
  • create a still life art project
  • create an avant-garde piece.

Recommended Grades: K-7

Course 8 - Rock n Roly, Guacamole

Students will:

  • learn the recipe for guacamole and nachos
  • play a wordplay rhyming activity about their favourite snacks
  • go on a field trip to one of Will’s favourite local shops to buy tortilla chips and other Mexican foods.

Recommended Grades: K-3

Course 9- Ella's Umbrella

Students will:

  • draw their own futuristic umbrella
  • learn how to play “Ella’s Umbrella” on ukulele
  • film a video of their own weather report
  •  learn about the water cycle and states of matter through a science experiment.

Recommended Grades: K-7

Course 10 - Walk n Roll

Students will go:

  • on a field trip with Will to find and identify street signs and traffic lights
  • do a crosswalk crossword puzzle
  • create their own stop motion animation inspired by the music video for the song.

Recommended Grades: K-3

Course 11 - Reading Revival

Students will:

  • share their favourite books
  • get to be an author
  • become song-writers
  • and share a memory of when a book inspired them to try something new.

Recommended Grades: K-7

Virtual Concerts


Rock n Roly, Guacamole
Let’s All Dance
Hygiene and Eugene
Just Imagine
Bike Safety Boogie
My Backyard
Reading Revival
Hoppin Up and Down
Colour It
Rocks and Roots


Sushi Roll
The Real Prize is a Compromise
Let’s All Dance
Reading Revival
Big Shiny Spoons
Kick It
Renewable Energy Kid
Eat a Plum, Yum, Yum
Colour It
Rock n Roly, Guacamole


Sushi Roll
Les mathématiques
Big Shiny Spoons
Le soccer
Renewable Energy Kid
En haut, en bas
The Real Prize is a Compromise
Les 5 sens
Rock n Roly, Guacamole
Merci, merci

Course Format

Each courses is made up of 2-4 lessons around the theme of a song connected to various parts of the curriculum ( such as Creativity, the 4 seasons, nutrition, the water cycle, literacy.)

Every course follows this format. The students will:

  1. Listen to the song while watching the video
  2. Learn a part of the song (often with actions)
  3. Practice the new part of the song with Will, and then with the lyric video
  4. Finish with an activity related to the theme of the song (there are sometimes worksheets available activity dependent)
Learning Outcomes & Curriculum Connections
  • Oral competencies (speaking and listening)
  • New vocabulary comprehension
  • Reading and writing competencies
  • Creative and critical thinking
  • Singing and performing skills

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