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Frequently Asked Questions


What are Will's qualifications to teach these courses?


Are there curriculum connections?

Language Arts (French):

  • Exploring and Reflecting
  • Creating and Communicating
  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Communication strategies
  • Language elements
  • Text organization in relation to song and songwriting

Language Arts (English):

  • Comprehend and connect (listening, viewing, reading)
  • Create and communicate (speaking, representing, writing)
  • Features of oral languages
  • Word patterns and word families
  • Oral language strategies

Arts Education:

  • Music 
  • Visual arts 
  • Dance 
  • Processes, materials, movements, tools, technologies and techniques to support arts activities
  • Experience, document and share creative works
  • Purposeful play

Career Education:

  • Identify and appreciate their personal attributes, skills, interests and accomplishments
  • Share ideas, information, personal feelings and knowledge
  • Set and achieve realistic learning goals
  • Risk taking and its role in self exploration

Physical and Health Education:

  • Healthy and active living
  • Physical literacy
  • Movement concepts and strategies
  • Rhythmic activities


  • Questioning and predicting
  • Processing and analyzing information
  • Evaluating, applying and innovating
  • Communicating

Social Studies:

  • Relationships between people and the environment
  • Rights and responsibilities of individuals
  • Ask questions, make inferences and draw conclusions
  • Recognize the causes and consequences of events, decisions or developments

How does a school subscription work?

When your purchase has been completed, we will email you a coupon code to allow teachers at your school to sign up with their own email and password. There is a limit of 20 teachers per school.


How do I upgrade my teacher account to a school account?

Just email us at info@wordplaywithwill.com and we will sort this out for you.


How do I book Will for a live concert at my school?

Will can be booked with his band for in-person concerts in French, English and both languages. Contact Kim at bookings@pebblestarartists.com. View more about his school shows here: www.willsjams.com/live-shows.


How do I cancel my subscription?

 At the top of the menu bar, go to My Account – Login – My subscriptions – and then Cancel your subscription. You will still have full access to your account for the rest of the year but will not be charged again.